Holbek, most widely known for scoring Lars von Trier’s films, is a visionary as far as 21st-century aesthetic is concerned.   This was an incredibly powerful representation of the human experience, and expertly dispatched by both creator and interpreter.  I can think of absolutely nothing more romantically operatic.

The Boston Musical Intelligencer

They understand the emotional pitch and scope of the opera and successfully illuminate the difficult issues at play. In other words, this production gets it right. The set design is spot on. It’s creatively staged and lit. The acting is well calibrated; the music is beautifully performed.  The Rosenbergs is small in scope but large in ambition; it is an accomplished and moving work that demands attention.

The Arts Fuse

Composer Joachim Holbek and librettist Rhea Leman have crafted an extremely accessible telling of the story of the lives of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. The Rosenbergs is, first and foremost, a deeply moving theatrical experience.

– The Broadway World